Next Generation Learning Spaces

Building an interactive, collaborative and engaging learning environment has been integrated in the master plan of many educational institutions. The 2nd Annual Next Generation Learning Spaces Asia 2016 is a dynamic event looking at the nexus between design, pedagogy and technology in creating innovative learning spaces. More than 30 education practitioners and experts will facilitate more than five types of sharing formats to discuss topics such as planning process to include students’ voices, fostering the link between pedagogical practice and new learning environment and building the evidence-based framework to measure the learning outcomes.

Next Generation Learning Spaces features carefully selected experts and dedicated users of innovative learning spaces, including Educational Architects, Professors of Education, Teaching and Learning Directors, ICT Directors, Innovation Directors, and Institutional Leaders of K12 and HEIs across the world. They are from leading institutions including Oxford University, the University of Melbourne, the University of Tokyo, Stonefields School, Ørestad Gymnasium (Denmark), and many more.

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Speakers and Discussion Leaders Include:

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Key Topics To Be Addressed in 2016 Include:


Embracing the inter-relationship between Learning spaces, Pedagogy and Technology (PST) to ensure a holistic learning space


A blueprint for tomorrow learning building: designing smart, agile school for smart, agile kids


Reconfiguring existing infrastructure and buildings to ensure your campus is up-to-date without major renovation


Revolutionizing the E-learning Spaces Ecosystem to Profoundly Support Blended Learning Pedagogy


Enriching blended learning experience to nurture students’ engagement and unleash its full potentials


Fostering the teaching faculties collaboration in the new learning spaces to ensure these innovative environments thrive


Authentic ownership of spaces: Democratizing learning spaces using co-creation model to ensure a pragmatic school


Defining and measuring new learning spaces outcomes: an evidence-based approach

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